I. creative creative 2 noun [countable] informal MARKETING HUMAN RESOURCES
someone working for a company that produces books, advertisements, or films, whose job involves writing, drawing, or having new ideas, and who does not have to wear a suit or neat clothes when they are at work — compare suit
  [m0] II. creative cre‧a‧tive 1 [kriˈeɪtɪv] adjective
1. producing or using new and interesting ideas:

• The movie company has come under criticism for focusing too heavily on marketing and not enough on creative issues.

• He regularly gives lectures and classes on creative thinking.

2. MARKETING relating to the work of producing advertisements etc at an advertising agency, rather than management of the agency:

• She is leaving the agency to take a senior creative position elsewhere.

— creativity noun [uncountable]
— creativeness noun [uncountable]

* * *

creative UK US /kriˈeɪtɪv/ adjective
producing or using original and unusual ideas: creative artist/designer/person »

We attract creative people who want to get involved in building companies up.

creative ability/potential/talent »

Every member of the organization has creative potential.


We felt that it was a creative solution to a difficult problem.

creatively adverb

Working in a cutting-edge environment makes us think more creatively.

creativity noun [U]

The organization celebrates and rewards creativity in its staff.

creative UK US /kriˈeɪtɪv/ noun [C]
INFORMAL a person whose job is to suggest new ideas or design, draw, or write things: »

The company has a team of 10 creatives working on the project.

Compare SUIT(Cf. ↑suit)

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